Egg Freezing


The world as we know is changing and as we modernise, women adapt accordingly to society and are now focusing more on studying and establishing a career. As a result, becoming a mother is delayed and is not priority until it could be too late. It is statistically proven that conception after the age of 35 is more difficult and they are at higher risk of suffering from a miscarriage.

Nowadays more and more women think about freezing their eggs when they are still viable, so if they wish to fall pregnant at a later age and have poor egg quality, they will have the frozen eggs as a backup plan. With this method you can conceive at the age of 40, for example, with your eggs collected from the age 30-year-old and you will have a higher pregnancy chance with the higher quality of a 30-year-old egg. Egg collection is not only for women who want to postpone gestational age, but also for women who have reduced or decreased egg capacity for medical reasons.

Who Can Freeze Their Eggs?

  • Here in Cyprus, women of a suitable age can have their eggs frozen
  • Women who are not considering pregnancy and plan to fall pregnant at a later age
  • Women who are looking to undergo chemotherapy or abdominal radiotherapy due to any cancer in the body
  • Women with low egg reserve
  • Women with early menopause story in their family
  • Women who are known to have an early menopausal age due to genetic anomalies can plan their life more freely by choosing the egg freezing method