Sperm Donation


In some cases, there might not be any sperm cells in the male semen. In such cases sperm is retrieved from the testis by inserting a needle into the testis and aspirating (TESA - Testicular sperm aspiration) or by a testicular biopsy of the testis (TESE-Testicular sperm extraction). Sperm retrieved, then, fertilizes the egg and pregnancy may be possible. However, in cases where sperm cannot be retrieved from the testis, "Sperm Donation" might be an available solution.

Sperm donation is recommended for:

  • Azoospermia (Lack of sperm) - inability to retrieve sperm in TESE or micTESE
  • Poor results in IVF treatment due to sperm quality
  • Male is a carrier of a genetic disease
  • Single women
  • Male has a viral disease that cannot be removed from semen
  • Severe chromosomal abnormality in sperm
  • The male is Rh + and therefore isoimmunization has been detected in the woman's previous pregnancy

How Are Donors Selected For Sperm Donation?

The donors are selected on the basis of their physical characteristics, age, education and occupation. They are screened for medical as well as sexually transmitted diseases. Once the donor clears all the levels, the semen is obtained by masturbation. A test vial is prepared and the quality and quantity of sperms are analysed. The rest of the sample is stored in multiple, smaller vials and are frozen using liquid nitrogen. This entire process takes about two to three hours.

Sperm Donation Success Rate

The factors affecting the success of sperm donation are the age of the woman, the number of eggs and the egg quality. Since the sperm quality is good, the characteristics of the recipient female are effective in the formation of pregnancy.

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