Microchip Enjection


What Is Microchip Sperm Selection?

The MicroChip sperm selection technology is one of the sperm selection methods currently used in IVF treatments. Compared to other sperm selection methods, it is a more natural method since it imitates the normal physiology of the sperm.

How Is The MicroChip Sperm Selection Method Performed?

IVF treatments with the MicroChip method are similar to regular IVF procedures. The treatment differs at the sperm selection stage in the laboratory. In a regular IVF treatment, the sperm sample collected on the day of the treatment is placed in a special device called a centrifuge, which performs 1,500-2,000 cycles per minute, for sperm-washing purposes. However, recent studies show that centrifugation may be detrimental to sperm DNA. The MicroChip sperm selection is a method in which all of these washing, spinning and sedimentation steps are mostly avoided and the healthiest sperm cells can be collected with an approach as close to the natural process as possible. With the microchip technology, the sperm cells race in a specially designed solution, passing through microchannels, as though they were trying to reach the egg cell. The sperms reaching the “finish line” first are the most likely to fertilise the egg. Thus, sperm selection is performed as closely as possible to the natural process. The MicroChip sperm technology is performed in IVF treatments in combination with other additional practices and methods.

Who Is MicroChip Sperm Selection Recommended For?

The most important step to ensure success in infertility treatments is to diagnose the problem correctly. Next to correct diagnosis, it is extremely important that the treatment and methods to be followed are performed correctly. The MicroChip sperm technology is a method that used for the treatment of male infertility, especially in cases of low-quality sperm. Since the method relies on the principle of selecting the healthiest sperm, it can be performed along with many additional methods and tests when necessary during the treatment.